I can never be thankful enough



I wake up, and I gaze at the ceiling thinking about how blessed I am to still be alive, breathing natural oxygen on a comfortable bed, roof over my head in my home. I wake up thinking about the less fortunate than me and I can never be thankful enough.

So, I lift up my hands and praise God for life, for another day and for all the little things that I seem not to value enough. Little things that gravitate toward priceless once they are gone. You know, those little things that we take for granted. Normal things such as food on the table, education, good health, light in the house, running water, good clothes, caring family and friends… The list could go on and on.

Routine seems to minimize many things in our lives. We are beings of habits they say. If it’s there all the time, we don’t pay great attention to it. As soon as it becomes scarce, well, life seems to amplify the little things of our routine. They suddenly become these huge things to be grateful for every single day.

I don’t want the little things to become scarce for me to realize how important they are and how blessed I am because too often I take them for granted. A lifetime is not sufficient to thank God.

Right now, on our planet, security is little for some but gigantic for many; food is little for some yet enormous for most; a united family is little for some yet so immense for many; education is small for some but so vast to many…

I wake up, and I gaze at the ceiling thinking about how blessed I am. So, I lift up my hands and praise God in advance for the blessings yet to come. I realize that I am able to land a hand to those in need. For despite the chaos in the world, God is always in control, and that I have so much to be grateful for each, and every single day.





Author: Mirna Cande

Hi! I am a Haitian College Student living in Canada. I decided to use my passion for writing to start this blog to connect with the world. Have fun reading me!

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